The Game of Evolution

I’ve recently added a new page to my website – The Game of Evolution.

This game is an advanced version of the famous Game of Life.  Similar to the Game of Life, the Game of Evolution is a zero player game. The game starts with an initial configuration and the user can watch how the game advances.

In this game animals must survive in a world according to a set of rules. Each animal starts with an initial amount of energy, and loses energy each turn when it performs actions like moving or reproducing. An animal can gain energy by performing actions like sleeping or eating. The animals make their decision as to which action to perform each turn according to their genome. Each animal has its own genome that is transferred to its offspring with a random mutation. The winner of the game is the animal which outlives all the other animals.

It is interesting to study which genomes are more likely to survive in the world, and how small parameters like the length of the genome, the amount of energy spent and gained by different actions and the initial placement of the animals affect the outcome of the game.

The game is located here.

More information on the game rules is located here.

The game is currently in a fairly initial state, so many more features are expected to be released in the future.

I’d be more than happy to hear any comments/ideas you may have. Email me at yuval (dot) baror [dot] website {at} gmail (dot) com

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