Superl is a project I developed several years ago. It was inspired by a great program I was working with that went by the same name.

Superl is a graphical Perl interpreter written in Perl. It opens one simple window in which you can type in your Perl commands and it will execute these commands for you. Superl also has some nifty features like:

  • Scrolling through the history of commands you’ve entered.
  • The _ function gets the result of the previous command (like ‘_’ in python).
  • Function/Variable completion with ctrl+space.
  • The result of each command is shown in the output window in blue.
  • Prints to STDOUT from your program will be shown in the output window in green.
  • Prints to STDERR from your program will be shown in the output window in red.

Superl runs on both Windows and Unix/Linux. All it needs is Perl and the Perl Tk package.

Superl is extremely useful for performing quick tasks with Perl or for checking out small pieces of code. Superl isn’t meant to be used as a Perl IDE. It doesn’t have any form of file management. It’s meant to be a graphical Perl interpreter.

I’ve registered Superl under Sourceforge as an open source project. It is distributed under a GPL license.

The Sourceforge project homepage is here. On it you can find more details about the project and you can download the project files.

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